The Mission

The goal of Mars Needs Women is to empower the next generation of female leaders, programmers, engineers, and scientist.
How we do this
A portion of each sale from Mars Needs Women goes directly to programs supporting young girls in the STEM fields. Some of the programs we've donated to include the Lower East Side Girls Club and #BUILTBYGIRLS. We take a localize approach to ensure our customer donations are going directly to programming and support for young girls. 
Why we do this
You've seen the stats. There's simply a lack of women who go into STEM careers and even fewer who rise to leadership positions in fields such as engineering and computer science. Fantastic new programs to encourage young girls early on have popped up across the US and internationally, such as free summer school coding classes from Kode With Klossy. Our aim is to help support these programs through monetary donations from each product sold as well as to publicize them to a broader audience. 
What's next?
To fulfill our mission, we are always looking for programs to partner with. A few things we look for - ties to the local community, direct donations to fund courses, promoting diversity in STEM, and targeting underserved youth. We also love to be connected with women already working in STEM in order to highlight their path as examples for the next generation. 
If you have an organization or female leader in mind please contact us at!